Continuous and thorough

Penetration testing for SOC 2 and beyond

Oneleet provides the highest ROI of any pentest provider by optimizing for the perfect balance between automation and human expertise.

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Companies our testers have helped secure

Oneleet's expert penetration testers have helped secure some of the largest companies in the world.

Oneleet helps you prevent attacks

Nearly all breaches that happen to companies could have easily been avoided had the right measures been in place. That is what Oneleet focusses on - the most effective and pragmatic tools to help your company be secure from attackers.

Always Scanning

Yearly pentests are ineffective at protecting against zero days. Our platform monitors for vulnerabilities you need to be aware of, all the time.

Depth when you need it

However good automated scanning gets, it will never be as good as a creative hacker. Our hackers uncover critical vulnerabilities so the bad guys can't.

Easy peasy

No more endless calls with consultants and having to wait weeks to get started. Just register, define what you need and get that penetration test going!

Security doesn't have to be hard. Start now.

Continuous Security Scanner

Keeping you secure all year round.

Oneleet continues where a normal pentest stops. We keep looking for threats to your company night and day so you won't have to worry.

  • Maps attack surface
    Oneleet continuously scans for new assets that belong to your company. The moment a new vulnerable asset appears or a 0-day has been published that might affect your asset, you will be notified.
  • Monitors threats
    Stay safe by being notified of database leaks, potentially malicious new domains similar to yours, logo and brand abuse and new 0-days that your organization might be vulnerable to.

Manual hacking simulation

The industry's most trusted & experienced Penetration Testers

Oneleet exclusively works with the most experienced and trusted penetration testers. All of our testers possess multiple industry-standard certificates, are highly vetted and are experienced in simulating advanced adversaries in complex enterprise environments. Many of our testers are well-known in the information security industry for their contributions to the field.

Trusted Industry Veterans

Our invite-only network ensures that only the most trusted industry veterans from NATO countries will work with you.

The most Trusted, Vetted & experienced

Hyperspecialized skillsets

The size of our pentester network allows to select for skills otherwise not found at boutique security shops.

No tech stack too weird for our testers.

Keep or alternate testers

The Oneleet platform provides the flexibility to optimize for ROI or for insight.

Minimize cost by reusing a tester.

Maximize insight by switching testers.

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