Oneleet's Mission

To make effective cybersecurity painless.

Oneleet is the full-stack cybersecurity platform that makes effective cybersecurity easy and painless. We help businesses stay secure so that they can focus on providing value to their customers.

A team that delivers

Oneleet's founders have over a decade of experience performing offensive security engagements and building solutions for some of the industry's largest companies.

Pentests Performed
Years of experience
Vulnerabilities discovered

The story behind the company

How the journey started

It was early 2022 when Bryan Onel decided to start Oneleet. He had spent nearly a decade performing penetration tests for companies large and small. Having helped over a hundred companies discover how and what ways they were vulnerable he gained first-hand insight into the workings of cybersecurity and the information security industry.

During that time he kept seeing the same problems recur over and over, which he set out to solve by starting Oneleet.

Bryan Onel

CEO / Founder

Ora Onel


Erik Vogelzang


Wouter Noe

Commercial Director



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